There are many types of meditation and many techniques for developing a meditation practice. You can begin a simple meditation practice at home by yourself with this simple technique.

Find a quiet, dimmed place. Sit with your back straight, feet flat on the floor and your hands up-turned at your hips.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the space directly above your nose on your forehead.

Allow yourself to focus on any “light” you see.

Attempt to clear your mind of thoughts. As thoughts come to mind, notice them and ask them to go away. If necessary to get the thoughts to leave your mind, commit to thinking about the issue later. Again attempt to clear your mind of thoughts and sit with thinking of nothing.

You may find that focusing on your breathing in and out will help focus your attention and clear your mind.

Continue to do this for as long as you can tolerate it. At the beginning, set a goal for just 5 minutes. As you continue to practice clearing your mind, you can increase the amount of time you sit in mediation.

The goal of meditation is to go within and explore your own intuitive sense. In order to do that, you have to intentionally shut off your brain. We are constantly thinking and it interrupts our ability to perceive intuitive information. This is a very difficult tasks for humans, as we have developed a practice of paying attention to sensory information and thinking. Meditation is the intentional practicing of not thinking. As you do this more, you will find yourself better able to manage your stress and to tune into your intuition.