Psychotherapy offers expert help with recent or long-standing problems of most kinds. If you find that issues are interfering with your personal relationships or with your professional performance, psychotherapy is likely for you. Through the process of developing insight into the origins of problems, you will become free to redevelop yourself and your style of interacting with others. Personal growth will promote a greater sense of well-being and a relief from habitual patterns you no longer choose.

Dr. Whelchel offers confidential counseling by appointment. Appointments are available Tuesday through Friday, and some evening times are available. Psychotherapy sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes in length and generally occur once or twice per week. Psychotherapy occurring less frequently than one time per week is generally not sufficient for growth, but may provide maintenance for people who have already achieved their primary psychotherapy goals.


At your initial appointment you will be asked to first read and sign an office policy and consent form. This is a one page form. Generally you will then be asked to discuss a little about your history and your current life situation. It is helpful if you are able to articulate the concerns for which you would like some help. At the end of the session you will be asked if you would like to return the following week. If you make another appointment, we will also review office policies.